About us


Since 1959 NAG BROTHERS are Kolkata-based reputed house of wholesale and retail of Harmoniums of all kinds and other musical Instruments along with their spares and accessories, satisfying people from different parts across the country and overseas as well.

With the aid of our thorough experience of six decades in this domain we have been able to introduce our exclusive brand of musical instruments and accessories, NAG . Each NAG brand products reflects our commitment to music through its ultimate range of quality in respect of both materials used in it and its tone & tune. Unlike others we are concerned about the wallet of our valuable customers too, and the outcome is NAG harmoniums have a perfect balance of quality and price. That is why our bottom line is “Economically Musical”.

As our arena of dealing is not limited to our own brand or products, one can visit our showroom or avail our online buying options for branded guitars, electronic musical instruments, harmonicas, Mandolins etc. to get incomparable discounts on MRPs as applicable.

Apart from branded instruments we are ready to serve several indigenous musical instruments like ghoongroo, Tanpura, Dotara, Ektara etc. Even we are ready to customize these instruments as per buyers’ demand.

Not only instruments, a wide range of branded or non-branded spares and accessories e.g. strings, picks, hammers (for tuning Tablas), digital or manual tuners, covers/ bags, hard cases, stands, notation copies and many more goods are available at our store to keep you musical,“Economically Musical”..