Sound Labs Taal Tarang Power Digital Tabla




♥ Hi-Power Music, TTP-107:- Taal Tarang Power is the loudest Electronic Tabla available capable of playing 107 Thekas. The increased loudness is achieved without compromising on the tonal quality of the Tabla. ♥ Natural Tone:- The Taal Tarang Digital Power is equipped with the natural tone of a Tabla, Pakhawaj, Duff & Dholak. ♥ 4 Unique Instruments in One:- Taal Tarang Power Electronic Tabla offers Tabla, Pakhawaj, Duff & Dholak ♥ Feather Touch Keyboard:- ♥ 107 Thekas & 24 Taals:- Taal Tarang Tabla offers a wide range of Taals and Thekas at the press of a button for regular Practice. Teen Taal, Ek Taal, Rupak, Dadra are a few to name. Taals also come in with a variety of thekas. ♥ Composer with Memory:- The composer function of the Taal Tarang Digital Power is one of its stand out features which lets a user create their own taal as per their requirements. The memory function helps retain your composition even when the power is switched off. ♥ Digital Display:- Taal Tarang Power is equipped with a digital display everything right from Pitch, Laya, Tempo, Volume, Balance, Variation to Matra for ease of use. ♥ Laya – Dhruth, Madhya, Vilambit & Ati Vilambit:- Electronic Tabla, Taal Tarang Power is equipped to play a selected taal in different layas with ease. This laya setting is independent of the tempo setting that exist in the instrument. ♥ Pitch Range:- C to E of the 2nd octave. ♥ Auxiliary Stereo Socket:- ♥ In-Built Battery Charger:- ♥ Carry Bag:- The Taal Tarang Power comes in a easy to carry specially padded nylon bag.


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