Signature Gogo’s Topaz Series Acoustic Guitar w/cut w/Eq. SunBurst



Product Description

Get this Signature Gogos 265 Topaz Series Acoustic Guitar, given that you have been looking around in search of a dependable acoustic guitar. Signature has blended expert craftsmanship and design aesthetics to bring to you this guitar, which apart from having a rich tone, also has an awesome design. Have a look at it at Snapdeal today for an affordable price, as the guitar is suitable for beginners and professionals as well.

With a great design, this Signature Gogos 265 Topaz Series Acoustic Guitar has a solid wooden body. The cut-away design improves phonic projection. The guitar also features a sleek fret board which is easy to work with. The guitar is apt for a varied range of music styles. The guitar has a black body which has a bold look.

Guitars sound richer with time, if maintained well. The most important part of the maintenance is the use. The more you play, the richer the tone gets. To get rid of the dust, you can simply dust it with a clean piece of cloth or a soft-bristled duster. You can also wipe the strings and the metal parts with a solvent like WD40, which keeps rust and grime away.


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