Radel Saarang Maestro DX Dual Digital Tanpura




If you are a student of Indian classical music and need the strum of an accompanying tanpura, you should definitely check out this Radel Electronic Tanpura, which is now available online at Snapdeal for an affordable rate. This tanpura from Radel is capable of producing a realistic stimulation of a 4-string tanpura.
This Radel Electronic Tanpura has an ABS exterior and is extremely sturdy. The volume of the tanpura can be controlled through the designated buttons provided for the same purpose. Another great feature of this electronic tanpura is the fact that it is equipped with a scale selection feature, using which you can choose between the pa-ma-in scales, which are also indicated by the LED indicators. The plucking intensity can also be controlled. Another great feature about this tanpura is that the note sustains feature lets you control the intensity with which notes can be sustained. You can also use the auto save feature to save the current settings along with three other settings, which you can also recall by memory.

This electronic tanpura is great for various purposes. You can use it for vocal exercises. As it has a setting which allows both Carnatic and Hindustani pluck styles, a student of either schools of music can use it. Capable of both chromatic and diatonic settings, it can also be used as an accompanying instrument at recitals. The tanpura can also be used during meditation.


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