NAG Kathak Ghungroo Pair (50+50) Big Bells Tied With Cotton Cord




India is famous all over the world for its many dance forms. One of the essential parts of the dance attire in India is the ghungroo. Gungroos are a string of bells tied to the legs of dancers. The make noise in synchronisation with the dance steps which gives the performance a bit of flair. Buy excellent quality ones with Prisha India Craft Kathak Ghungroo Pair available at a great price only on Snapdeal.

Top-notch Materials
This sturdy ghungroo pair is made from the best quality materials to make it durable and long lasting. Each of the pairs has 50 bells which are brought together with a strong cotton cord. It is perfect for amateur dancers who are not used to heavy ghungroos.

Perfect size
The durable ghungroo pair brought to you by Prisha India Craft, is perfect for children and young adults learning dance. It is 124 centimetres in length and weighs approximately 607 grams. Easy to wear and not too heavy, it provides a symphony to the dance. It is suitable for any dance form, be it Kathak or Bharatanatyam.

A Great Gift
Prisha India Craft Kathak Ghungroo Pair makes an excellent gifting idea. Encourage your children to dance by gifting them a pair of these. Or buy a pair yourself and develop a new talent!


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